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No parcel goes unchecked.

We take counterfeit goods out of circulation. Countercheck offers brands the opportunity to scale the removal of counterfeit goods.
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Intercept counterfeit parcels at the point of sortation. Automatically.

We have access to worldwide cross-belt sorters equipped with parcel detection technology. Countercheck upgrades this technology, teaching it to identify and sideload suspicious parcels. Our patent pending software means that brands can now secure access to automated interception of counterfeit goods.

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Track and trace seized counterfeits with our advanced analytics

Gain insights on your brand's counterfeits. Map hotspots, understand trends and manage relations with customs all in one place.  Boost your brand protection team's performance with Countercheck.

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Countercheck is designed to work for brands. Our GDPR compliant solution tackles counterfeits while originals are left untouched.

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BEUMER Group Sortation

We are integrated at the point of sortation.

Our software is certified by the BEUMER Group, a leading global provider of sortation systems for logistics firms. This allows us to seamlessly integrate our software into every sortation center easily.

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